Terms & Conditions




1.1. These rules apply when using the site www.justscript.net (hereinafter referred to as the Site) (hereinafter referred to as the Rules).

1.2. The site is administered by Justscript OU, an Estonian company duly registered and operating in the Republic of Estonia, legal entity code 14411600, location address:Hobujaama 4, Tallinn, 10111, Estonia (hereinafter referred to as JustScript).

1.3. A person who visited the Site, viewed the database of scriptwriters or other information, or in any other form uses the services of the Site, is considered a user of the Site (hereinafter referred to as the User)

1.4. The use of the Site by the User covers all activities, including but not limited to browsing pages, reading any information, purchasing services, etc. (hereinafter - Services).

1.5. The User must comply with these Rules when using the Site.

1.6. Users who do not agree with at least one of the conditions of the Rules are not entitled to use the services of the Site.

1.7. The Company has the right to unilaterally change the services provided, the information provided and other services, as well as any provisions of the Rules. The Company informs about the changed conditions of the Rules, indicating the period of validity of the Rules. The current version of the Rules is always presented on the Site.



2.1. The Site is bound by and protected by intellectual property rights, international intellectual property rights, treaties and agreements. The Company is the owner of all rights to the content of the Site, including copyrights, intellectual property rights, trademarks, company names of the Company's group of companies, trade secrets and (or) has exclusive rights to use them. All descriptions, photographs, names of services, signs, design, logos of goods and other names or information presented on the Site are the property of the Company, or the Company legally uses the rights granted by third parties.

2.2. The Company also owns and (or) the Company legally uses the rights granted by third parties to the products and services presented on the Site, protected by trademarks or industrial design rights, including copyrights. Users are not granted any indirect or other licensing rights to use any trademarks, designs or copyrighted elements, as well as similar elements belonging to any third party indicated on the Site, owned by the Company and (or) used by the Company on a right granted by third parties.

2.3. The Company or third parties, when applicable, without any territorial restrictions, retain ownership and copyright to the Site and the information presented on it, including posting content on the Site without any restrictions, images, graphic elements, text, software , audio, video and music records, pictures, logos, photos.

2.4. Any processing by third parties and (or) users of the content, design of the Site, their translation, copying, distribution and (or) other use without the prior written permission of the Company and (or) in violation of the Rules is a violation of copyright and other rights, punishable in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

2.5. Users may not in any way modify, reproduce, copy, publish, upload, represent, forward, sell, create derivative works from, use or distribute the Site and/or its content in any way, including text, descriptions, codes, graphics, code and (or) software or any other content, unless the Company has given prior written consent and (or) permission to perform such actions.



3.1. The Company makes every effort to ensure the proper functioning of the Site, and also strives to ensure that the Site operates continuously and without interruption.

3.2. The Company has the full right at any time without notice to the User to change the Site, its functions, services provided, the name of the Site and (or) the Internet domain on which the Site is available, any content of the Site or part of it. The User understands and agrees that the Company will not be held liable for any negative consequences for the User caused by any such or similar actions.

3.3. The Company has the right, without separate notice to the User, to involve third parties in the performance of any actions related to these Rules, as well as transfer to third parties its rights and obligations arising from these Rules, or part of them.

3.4. The Company has the right to terminate the operation of the Site at any time without prior notice.

3.5. The Company reserves the right to terminate or restrict the User's access to the Site at any time without prior notice if:

3.5.1. This is mandatory in cases provided for by the laws of the Republic of Estonia and other legal acts or in the case of fulfilling the requirements of the competent authority.

3.5.2. This is mandatory in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Company or third parties.

3.5.3. This is necessary because the User, when using the services, has caused or may cause a security threat to other users of the Site.

3.5.4. This is necessary because the Company wants and (or) must perform maintenance work, update the Site.

3.5.5. When using the Site, the User damages the Site and (or) the reputation of the Site.



4.1. When using the Site, the User is obliged to comply with and not violate the requirements of legal acts, as well as the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, including legal acts regulating the protection of intellectual property, protection of personal data, etc.

4.2. The User cannot use the Site in such a way that may threaten the proper operation of the services provided by the Company, the security of the Site server, data, or restrict the Site's ability to properly provide any services to other persons. Do not use malicious software or other inappropriate content.

4.3. The user undertakes to provide correct information about himself, including his real name, phone number, email address. mail and other necessary information.

4.4. The User is obliged to store connection data in such a way that they are not recognized by third parties, except for persons authorized by the User to represent the interests of the User on the Site. Immediately contact the Company if the User's connection data and (or) password, which are necessary for using the Site, have been lost or become known to third parties.

4.5. The User understands that if the User's connection data becomes known to third parties, such third parties may assume obligations that will become binding on the User, and undertakes to assume such obligations and properly fulfill them. The Company is not obliged to verify the identification of any Users.

4.6. The Company processes and manages the User's personal data in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia and the Company's Privacy Policy. Taking into account the fact that the Privacy Policy indicates important provisions of the Rules, it is recommended that the User carefully read them and be sure that all provisions of the Privacy Policy are clear and acceptable to him.

4.7. The User, having noticed the improper operation of the Site and (or) malfunctions in the operation of the Site, must immediately inform the Company about this.



5.1. The Company does not accept responsibility for technical failures, breaches in the security system or other malfunctions of software or computer equipment that could discturb the use of the Site (cookies, viruses, etc.).

5.2. Any content downloaded or otherwise obtained when using the Site is downloaded at the risk of the User, and for damage caused to the computer system or device of the User, or data lost in connection with such downloading or using the services, only the Users themselves are responsible.

5.3. Except when required by law, the Company is in no way responsible for any damage, including indirect harm or loss of profit, income, etc., that arose in connection with the use of the Site or due to the fact that the User relied on the received Site or through it information.

5.4. The Company is not responsible for services not rendered or untimely rendered to the User due to the fault of third parties, including, but not limited to, providers of the Internet, mobile communications, and e-mail services.

5.5. If the service paid by the User for some reason (other than those specified in clause 5.4.) was not provided by the Site in full during the paid period, then the money for the non-provided service is not returned, but the service is extended for another 30 ( thirty) days free of charge.

5.6. The user is responsible for the proper use and storage of connection data. The Company is not responsible for any damage that the User may incur in connection with the use of this information by third parties.

5.7. The Site may contain links to websites of third parties that do not belong to the Company or the group of companies of the Company. Links are published for the convenience of customers, and the Company does not control the sites to which links are provided, the Company does not evaluate the content of these sites and does not assume responsibility for the content available on them, the use of such sites and access to such sites.



6.1. The activity of the Site is carried out in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia. Any disputes arising in connection with the activities of the Site or related to it will be resolved through negotiations, and in case of disagreement - in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia in the courts.

6.2. In addition to these Rules, the provisions of the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia, special conditions and rules, as well as well-established business practices apply to regulate relations between the User and the Site.

6.3. If any of the provisions of these Rules is contrary to the law or for any reason becomes partially or completely invalid, it does not invalidate the remaining provisions of the Rules.

6.4. The User must first of all submit an application and (or) complaint regarding the activities and services of the Site in writing to the Company. Please send statements and (or) complaints by e-mail: info@justscript.net, indicating your name, e-mail address, as well as describing the improper operation of the Site, error, malfunction and (or) the like, and indicating the date (time) and duration, if possible.


These Rules are valid from March 01, 2022.